AiRo offers a wide range of industry-specific digitalization solutions and services.

Health Care

Digital Transformation is leading the way in reshaping the healthcare landscape. Digitalization is accelerating the tectonic shift to value-based healthcare.

Right now, the healthcare industry is witnessing rapid changes with the expansion of digitization in both provider and payer segments, and consumerization and cost saving initiatives driving the industry. Digital Transformation is leading the way in reshaping the healthcare landscape along with opportunities and challenges around accountable care organization formation, healthcare reform, consumer centricity, cost-containment and the shift to a retail consumer-based model.

With AiRo’s deep understanding of the healthcare industry and time-to-market needs, we focus on operational efficiencies, risk reduction, and customer service to provide incremental and cost-effective solutions.

  • Application Development and Management

  • Health Information Technology (HIT) Services

  • Patient Records Management

  • Medical Document Management

  • Financial Management

  • Invoicing and Payment Management

  • Logistics Management

  • Full Lifecycle Product Development

  • Enterprise Reporting & Business Intelligence Services

  • Independent Testing Services

Pharma & Life Sciences

The combination of disruptive and legacy factors is driving technology needs among Pharma & Life Sciences firms, which is translating into increased focus on Data Analytics, Infrastructure Services, Data Consolidation, and Application Modernization.

Recent scientific and technological advances, an aging population, the expansion into emerging markets, coupled with an exponential increase in mainstream adoption of digital technologies, are providing renewed platforms for the Life Sciences industry to revive its fortunes. With an explosion in the availability digital data – including electronic health records, social, genomics, clinical, and insurance – and more engaged consumers, we are ready to benefit from integrated drug manufacturing, clinical trials, and a healthcare environment that not only provides the best care for its patients but is also rewarded through significant revenue growth.

AiRo has extensive domain knowledge and experience working with global organizations in the pharmaceuticals and bio-technology industries as well as the sub verticals including: formulations, bulk drugs, R&D, bio-tech, generics to contract manufacturing, compliant manufacturing, sales and distribution. We help Pharma and Life Science companies understand the gaps in their operations, and implemented customized business solutions, not only to address their challenges, but to ensure that the solution is now a solid backbone helping the business perform smoother and better.

  • E-Commerce, Portal technologies

  • ERP applications

  • Business Intelligence

  • Performance Management

  • Human capital management

  • Enterprise application integration

  • Content management

  • Data warehousing applications

  • Enterprise integration Platform

Manufacturing / High Tech

The Digital Revolution has forced the Manufacturing and Hi-Tech companies to completely reinvent themselves in order to satisfy users demanding more, better, for less and in far shorter timelines.

The fast-paced global Manufacturing and Hi-tech industries are transforming and rapidly characterized by the continuous product innovation and compliance adherence, shortening product lifecycles, changing market needs and complex circuitry due to rapid advancement & innovation in technology. There is a need for companies to reinvent themselves in order to drive global sourcing strategies, while trying to reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

AiRo enables manufacturers to keep operations performing at peak efficiency by closing the gap between the factory and the enterprise and building a collaborative network that enables profitability and enhanced services. We also have significant domain expertise across Hi-tech segments for process harmonization, global system rollouts and unified communication systems.

  • Distributed manufacturing enablement

  • Product launch and lifecycle management

  • Supply Chain management

  • Sales channel management

  • Customer service and after sales support

  • Materials management

  • Plant operation efficiency

  • Product innovation

  • Shop Floor Management

  • Smart Manufacturing

  • Product Lifecycle Management

  • Manufacturing Models Enablement

  • Enterprise Asset Management

  • Procurement Management

  • Warehouse Management

Retail & CPG

Customers demanding superior experiences and driven by Digital Technology, retailers need to rethink their strategies to stay ahead of the game.

The future of shopping will belong to those who can capitalize on some of the biggest retail industry challenges amid rising competition, operations cost and lack of insights affecting competitiveness and margins. Then, there are also issues like Inflexible and monolithic IT systems that are unable to integrate and deliver an agile, scalable, and seamless business process. Leading global retailers are focusing on creating new digital engagement possibilities for consumers across channels, through a Data Analytics, AI and RPA that drives decisions & continuous improvements.

By providing a seamless experience across channels, AiRo helps retailers understand their consumers better by deriving insights from their physical and digital footprints. Using big data technologies to unify the vast amount of data and information present, we derive actionable insights that can keep you constantly ahead of the curve.

  • Application development and maintenance

  • Cloud professional services

  • Data analytics

  • Infrastructure management services

  • Independent testing services

  • Supply chain management

  • Store operations and POS

  • Merchandising

Energy & Utilities

Integrating Geospatial Systems, IoT devices and Enterprise Applications to manage operations in real time to automate processes, streamline operations and minimize human intervention is the key.

The new market dynamics, characterized by prices that are still relatively low, and an increased preference for sustainable energy resources, has made it difficult for Oil &Gas companies to operate profitably across the industry value chain. On the other hand, the utility industry is on the threshold of massive restructuring, as it looks to upgrade an ageing infrastructure, harness smart grid technologies, shift to renewables, and transform distribution and storage systems.

Propelled with enormous industry expertise AiRo helps Energy and Utilities clients to transform the upstream value chain, mitigate key business risks with robust midstream services and ensure reliable, cost-effective and efficient downstream activities.

  • Mobility services

  • Data Consolidation, Data integration

  • Enterprise Asset Management

  • Energy Trading and Risk Management

  • IoT & Smart Grid Platform development

  • Data Analytics & Operational Analytics

  • Predictive Analytics and maintenance with Machine Learning

  • Business Intelligence service

  • Real-time monitoring and analysis

Banking & Insurance

The biggest trend defining the global financial services industry is Digital Disruption. Today, ‘Digitalization’ is the name of the modern game.

The Banking and Financial Services industry is evolving at an exponential rate. Shifting customer expectations, ongoing advances in disruptive technology, the evolving threat of cybercrime and increasing regulatory requirements are continuously reshaping the sector. This industry continues to be transformed by technological innovations, including those in the areas of cloud, mobility, and big data. Unless banks and other financial institutions embrace this fast paced digital transformation, they face the threat of becoming obsolete.

AiRo has a deep knowledge and extensive experience in the Banking and Financial Services sector. Our expert team of financial service understands needs and challenges of our clients, and partner with them to develop tailored solutions to address the challenges.

  • Architecture development and design

  • Product enhancements and development services

  • IT strategy consulting

  • Application maintenance and support

  • Business process re-engineering

  • Application integration services

  • Portal development, E-commerce

  • Content management solution

  • Systems integration services

  • Business Intelligence – Decision support systems

  • Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Data Analytics, Machine Learning

  • Mobility services