Apps Dev Factory

At AiRo, we engage with our clients to implement the unique business requirements for digital enterprise applications that deliver reliable operations, outstanding value and future-ready innovations. We excel in traditional comprehensive lifecycle services, from developing and testing through deployment and management. Additionally, we adopt the factory model by combining Product Line Development, Architectural Frameworks, Automated Guidance and Model Driven Development.

  • Application Development through DevOps

  • Application Maintenance and Support

  • Legacy Application Modernization and Cloud Migration

Application Managed Services

In today’s competitive and agile business environment, the expectation from application management services (AMS) is more than just keeping the lights on. Chief Information Officers (CIOs) today are constantly looking for ways to better partner with businesses, to contribute to their organization growth and profitability objectives. We offer business optimization and innovation, not just Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Our full lifecycle application management services, from strategy through build, operate, and innovate, gives our clients more from their typical application portfolio investments, helping them achieving business results.

  • Packaged applications (like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Salesforce, among others)

  • Custom applications (Bespoke, Legacy, Mainframe)

Infrastructure Managed Services

Operational excellence and resilience are unsaid expectations from any IT infrastructure. The current business enterprises embraces the digital world and expects its IT infrastructure to be robust yet agile enough to incorporate changes that cater to the market and technology upgrades, at reduced costs.

Our rich portfolio of service offerings span across the infrastructure lifecycle of Plan-Build-Run-Monitor and includes infra consulting, data center, end user computing, enterprise networking, enterprise security, IT infrastructure operation management and transformation services.

  • End user managed service

  • Network managed services

  • Data center managed services

  • Managed security services

  • Professional Cloud services

Business Process Services

In an extremely volatile environment, the pressure to increase efficiency and profitability is greater than ever.

But just keeping pace comes at a price: continuous operational risk and constant organizational pain. This has led to more and more companies seeking to outsource specific business processes that are not their core competencies to companies specializing in taking up those activities. This gives those companies greater flexibilities in terms of managing their finances as well as operations.

At AiRo, we have a deep knowledge of our client’s businesses and offer a suite of business process services that are designed to address the needs of specific industries in this changing landscape. With evolving business process automation and robotics technology, we meet the rising demands for quality and compliance, while decreasing the cost to serve our clients.

  • Creation or on-boarding, and operation of multi-function shared services;

  • Operation of Finance & Administration (F&A) functions;

  • Operation of Human Resource functions, in particular those relating to staff administration;

  • Operation of Purchasing and Procurement functions

  • Operation of Customer Care functions

  • Operation of specialized industry-specific business processes

Cognitive & Artificial Intelligence

To propose and implement AI at any company needs complete understanding of the business processes and how IT is currently helping with optimizing and enabling the business. The most thoughtful organizations are looking to understand how AI can most effectively augment humans.

Our response is AI will have quantifiable benefits to organizations across industries. We assist in preparing organizations to leverage AI, machine learning and other emerging technologies like AR, VR and MR, to go beyond human scale.

Robotics Process Automation

RPA improves operational efficiency by completing tedious, repetitive digital tasks. Data-driven business functions such as HR, F&A, and IT exist in companies across industries, and pretty much any company in any line of business can benefit by looking at automating these horizontal processes.

We help organizations to reduce their OpEx and shorten closing cycle leveraging RPA. We utilize RPA’s power, flexibility, and value to digitally transform the day-to-day business operations which is truly game-changing and offer a very high ROI over the long term.

Data Sciences

Organizations of all sizes recognize the tremendous potential for data, but converting the data into actionable insights is a challenge across industries. Organizations are looking to implement different emerging analytics techniques to improve opportunities for growth, innovation, and gain a competitive advantage.

Our data analytics goes beyond traditional Business Intelligence. We not only leverage past data, but use advanced autonomous models to predict future events and discover patterns which go unnoticed otherwise. We integrate analytics with core business of the clients to answer underlying reason for events and roadmaps for the business owners to deliver cost synergies and revenue growth.

Cloud Enablement

Cloud services offer powerful benefits for the enterprise, from greater productivity and enhanced efficiency to significant cost reductions and simplified IT management. The right cloud-first strategy unlocks the door to limitless possibilities.

We help organizations evaluate their current network, storage; define cloud road-map and then design and deploy the cloud solution that will drive your business forward. We bring unique system integration and enterprise application experience to design end-to-end architecture, provide cloud assessment, develop cloud based applications, support in cloud migration and provide managed service.


Mobility continues to be one of the most disruptive technologies in its impact and reach. Organizations are constantly challenged to keep pace with accelerated proliferation of devices with multiple form factors on different platforms. Maximizing the potential of mobility opportunities for consumer engagement, workplace solutions and partner engagement is becoming difficult every day.

We empower businesses to realize the true value and scalability of mobility within a seamless user experience. Our teams help develop mobile strategies by determining business goals and outcomes, and then recommending the best path to reach them. Our security approach develops strategy implementation plans with goals and milestones along the way.

Internet of Things

From homes and industries to enterprises, Internet of Things (IoT) have become commonplace in all walks of life. Connecting everything and everyone, IoT is making the world smarter and better than ever before. However, unlocking the full potential of IoT requires an acute business acumen that understands the opportunities for value creation and systematically address the underlying challenges.

Our Approach is built around the emergence of an IoT ecosystem which has given rise to an asset value chain comprising of connections of things, data, process and people. We provide insights to clients for enabling them to embark on their IoT journey – facilitating roadmap creation, domain-based value stream mapping, business KPIs and ROI mapping, end-to-end solutioning and deploy analytics for process & productivity optimization.