Cognitive Automation in Healthcare: The Road to Intelligent Operations
March 25, 2019

Enterprise RPA Roundtable Dinner in Chicago

Managing through the RPA disruption and deriving maximum value.

AiRo Digital Labs, along with Automation Anywhere organised the Enterprise RPA Roundtable Dinner in Chicago, USA on November 8, 2018. The event attended by Business and IT leaders from several marquee organizations, explored how enterprises are looking to implement #RoboticProcessAutomation (RPA) to enable enterprise relevance, sustenance, and profitability in the rapidly changing business environment. Participants agreed that for successful #RPA adoption, enterprises would need to be willing to make some fundamental strategic, cultural, technology and operational changes. The concept of putting business need first is simple enough to comprehend at a high level. However, the process of implementing the necessary changes to make that vision a reality requires a commitment that must begin at the top.

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